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Resolutions for Consideration at the 2021 MACD Annual Convention

Resolution Review Spreadsheet: Available HERE  (The MACD Committees have been reviewing resolutions older than five years. Recommendations from committees and sponsoring districts are included in the document. Please note that the Water Resources Committee resolutions will be reviewed at a later date.)

Legal Review of Resolutions by Caitlin Overland, CDB Lawyer on Retainer: Available HERE

MACD Resolution Process Guide: Available HERE

Resolution: 21-01

Collecting an assessed fee from Montana hunting and fishing licenses to be used for Montana county road maintenance and repair.

Resolution: 21-02

Groundwater Monitoring Resolution

Resolution: 21-03

Resolution on Northeastern Montana Buried valley MACD resolution

Resolution: 21-04

Resolution to address stock water rights on federal grazing district allotments

Resolution: 21-05

Resolution Opposing the Federal Government’s “30 x 30” Land Preservation Goal

Resolution: 21-06

Resolution to Declare Wolves a Predator in Eastern Montana

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